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Gas Prices are too high! It seems gasoline prices keep climbing every week and it's getting worse as summer approaches. Across the United States many drivers are being hit at the pump with gas prices of $4.00 and higher per gallon. With no solution in sight for this inflation of gasoline prices, many Americans are left stuck with a large gas bill every month. This has affected many household budgets and many have resorted to taking public transportation.

But did you know that there are gasoline companies, government agencies, and various organizations giving away free gas? Many giveaway free gas gift cards and free gas vouchers. We have partnered with these different entities to bring you their Free Gas Giveaways. Think of it, getting free gas for a year or even a free gas gift card for $1000 to $1,500. Below are the various gas giveaways that you can sign up for. Give them a try, you have nothing to lose, they are 100% Free!


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Why Are Gas Prices So High?

The continued increase in Gas Prices has many Americans asking why are the gas prices so high? President Obama and many others have blamed Wall Street because of their Speculators who inflate Gas Prices. Goldman Sachs has come out and said this is true and that they add $27 to each barrel of oil which equates to a $0.70 per gallon increase to Gas Prices. This is the amount of money the speculators are adding on top of the prices that we should be paying. Even the CEO of Exxon has said the prices of a single Barrel of Oil should be between $60 to $70 but instead they are at $100. The Oil Companies are also being blamed for high Gas Prices, with their record setting profits they seem to be making no effort to lower Gas Prices. Both Democrats and Republicans are looking to resolve the issue of record gas prices.

Ways To Save Money On Gas

Mobile Apps - There are many smartphone apps out there that can help you navigate around high gas prices. Here are some of our favorites:

1) GasBuddy - This free app lets you see nearby gas stations on a map and what their current prices are.

2) AAA TripTik - This app locates gas stations and prices and includes features that help you plane the shortest route and more..

3) GasHog - This $0.99 app helps you focus on your car's fuel economy and history with every fill up, gives you gas saving tips and more.

Membership Discounts - Our second save at the pump tip is to use memberships that offer discounts. Lots of grocery store chains like Safeway and Costco have eevn cheaper gas price for members. If you travel a lot consider getting a hotel chain gas card, mid-price chains like Choice and Comfort Inn offer big savings on gas if you stay with them often.

Now once you've filled up your tank there are common sense ways to get mileage. Start with ditching unnecessary junk from your car trunk, same with anything that interferes with your car's aerodynamics such as cargo baskets, car top carriers, and ski racks. By removing these items from your car's roof you will notice a difference in your gas mileage. When you're in traffic take it easy, don't drive aggressively and use cruise control when you can, remember to turn your engine off instead of leaving it in idle. In the end the best way to save is to drive less, see if you can avoid rush hour or high traffic volume periods, public transportation is a good option also. You can also use car sharing services or hourly car rentals such as Zipcar and Connect by Hertz.

Top 10 Oil Companies 

Are you curious to know who the top oil companies are? Here is a list of the  top 10 oil companies including which country they are based out of.

Company - Country

1) Saudi Aramco - Saudi Arabia   2) NIOC - Iran   3) Exxon Mobil - United States   4) PDV - Venezuela   5) CNPC- China   6) BP - United Kingdom  

7) Royal Dutch Shell UK/Netherlands    8) ConocoPhillips - United States    9) Chevron - United States   10) Total - France

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